Iconosphere is an idea that evolved out of teaching and research at the London School of Economics between 1993 and 2003. It is a response to the incestuous specialization occurring now within the hermetically sealed departments of most universities.

The overarching goal of Iconosphere is to conduct interdisciplinary research into the structure and dynamics of human social systems. Our commercial goal is to provide clients with a set of interdependent levels of analysis for the purpose of strategic planning and organizational management.


We employ an architectonic as opposed to technocratic approach to rational and ethical decision-making. We view the organization as an intelligent organism, dependent upon its environment yet capable of formulating and executing creative strategies. We define the executive function, therefore, as optimizing an organization’s margin of evolutionary profit within a changing technological, political and economic landscape. In brief, we anticipate the shifting contours around organizational goals and align organizational capabilities with executive strategies.

Atomic Energy Control Board of Canada

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canadian International Development Agency

Canadian Department of National Defence

Canadian Department of Revenue – Customs & Excise

Canadian Department of Revenue – Taxation

Canadian Department of Supply & Services

Canadian Department of Transport

Celtic Research – international genealogical and probate services

Fjord Design

Horner Collis & Kirvan (later Euro RSCG, now Havas Worldwide London)

  • Peugeot 205
  • Moss Car Security
  • Tennants Pilsner

International Association of Financial Engineers – Bear Stearns

International Society for Individual Liberty

London School of Economics, Department of Information Systems (now the Department of Management)

Plessey Electronics – Leigh Instruments


  • Starfruit: Bridging Worlds

SDA Bocconi School of Management

St. Luke’s (formerly Chiat\Day London)

Stockholm Business School - University of Stockholm

Zamyn Institute